Welcome to Craigweil House, we are an award winning and multi care facility that offers care for rest home, memory and hospital level of care. By being able to offer these levels of care we are able to give the care and support to all our residents both long and short term stays who wish to have the piece of mind of top quality care at an affordable and highly professional level. Craigweil House is proud to be to be recognised in the 2019 business awared for outstanding service and quality recognition.

Craigweil House services the west Auckland region and Rodney Districts population in the beautiful landscape of the kaipara river. We provide regular bus trips around Auckland that take in all the sites and keep up to date with all the latest developments and activities in the community.

As a community provider of education and continual improvement strategies, we aim to educate our staff and community of the effects of various effects on the body from aging and promote safe and well informed use and practise of equipment. To acheives this we provide support to our local schools, work force and Toru and Net P program that promotes education and support for our community and nursing career pathways.

Our purpose as a care facility is to provide residents and those who are rehabilitating, the independence and support to ensure automony and the highest quality of life.

Craigweil House offers both short term and long term care and typically have the delicious smell of laughter and lovely home cooked meals. Both the staff and residents take great pride in their home and staff are loving and caring for all our residents.

Craigweil House provides all cooking and cleaning services as well as offering the various levels of assistance each resident requires whilst always trying to promote the independence, dignity and privacy of our residents. Additional to this we have local amenities, bus stops and shopping convinences next door for those extra items

Craigweil House has beautiful rooms which offer their own beds and furniture. We supply TV's in many of our hospital rooms for the ease of access for our families and residents. Families are encouraged to supply their own televisions and electronic equipment.

Craigweil House is a place where people of all ages, religions, races and creeds are welcome. We aim to continue any cultural belief current and ask that our residents are visited by community supporters and religous figures to allow continued practise in support of our residents.

Craigweil offers both long term accommodation as well as short term, respite and carer support based stays. We promote the use of mobility equipment and have adequate storage to ensure our residents can visit the local events and activities in the area.

Craigweil House has been praised in its efforts for quality and continual improvement efforts and results. As a facility we aim to continue to promote and grow our education and understanding to pass this on to our residents through excellence. In support of our community we provide rehab and supportive care with some complimentary stays available, please call now to find out more or arrange a viewing at our care home

Located on Parkhurst Road, opposite the thermal resort and near the softly flowing Kaipara river:

143 Parkhurst Road, Parakai, Auckland

Your inspection is most welcome!